Duplex Steel butt weld pipe fittings

Duplex Stainless steel butt welding fitting is defined as a engineered component being used in a piping application system, for branching, changing direction, reducing flow by change of pipe diameter in line, and which is mechanically joined to the subject equipment or system. There are many different types of fittings and they are the same in all sizes and schedules as the pipe.


1.4462/1.4410 Duplex stainless Steel butt welding pipe fittings

These duplex steel butt weld (BW) fittings whose dimensions and dimensional tolerances are exclusively defined in the ASME B16.9 standards. Light-weight corrosion resistant fittings are made as per MSS SP43 standards and specifications.

A piping system using duplex steel butt weld fittings has many inherent advantages over other forms of fittings. Some of the advantages we can point out like butt weld fittings are Welding fitting to the pipe which means it is permanently leakage proof job. Since there is continuous metal structure formed between pipe and butt weld fitting which adds strength to the system

Smooth inner surface and gradual directional changes reduce pressure losses and turbulence and this mechanism also minimize the action of erosion and corrosion. An welded system utilizes a minimum of space occupancy which is compact in short.

We are manufacturer, suppliers and exporters of variety of quality Duplex Steel Fittings. One of them is ASME B16.9 Duplex Steel Butt weld Fittings. We are supplying these fittings size range from 1/4" to 36" NB duplex steel butt weld fittings. We cover Duplex Steel Elbow 45°, Tee, Concentric Reducer, Short Stud Ends, Long Stud Ends, Cross, Eccentric Reducer. We are manufacturing the same from Schedule 5 to Schedule XXs depending on the size been asked by customer.

Range of Duplex Steel Butt Weld Fittings


Duplex steel Butt welding fittings - Elbow 90° long radius 1. Duplex stainless steel Elbow 90° long radius

The elbow function is to change direction or flow of pipe line in a piping system to a particular angle. There are many options by default available in duplex steel elbows and one of it is duplex steel 90° Long radius elbows.



Duplex steel Butt welding fittings - Elbow 45° 2.Duplex stainless steel Elbow 45°

The function of a 45° duplex steel elbow is exactly the same as what of a 90° elbow, but the measurement of dimensions is different to that of the 90° duplex steel elbow.




Duplex steel Butt welding fittings - Elbow 90° short radius 3. Duplex stainless steel Elbow 90° short radius

By default, there are 5 opportunities in the duplex steel elbows and one of them is "short radius" version.





Duplex steel Butt welding fittings - Elbow 180° long radius4. Duplex stainless steel Elbow 180° long radius

These type of 180 degree long radius elbows center to face distance is comparatively longer than what it is of short radius elbows with 180 degree short radius.



Duplex steel Butt welding fittings - Elbow 180° short radius 5. Duplex stainless steel Elbow 180° short radius

These duplex steel elbow are performing same function as what 180 degree long radius elbows do but the radius that is center to face is comparatively shorter to long radius el bows..



Duplex steel Butt welding fittings - straight Tee6.Duplex stainless steel straight Tee

The purpose of duplex steel Tee is to make a 90° branch connection from the main run of pipe. There are two options available with engineers about tee and one of it is straight tee. These straight tee are also called as duplex steel equal tee. These duplex steel straight or equal tees are used as the branch and has the same diameter of it;s branch as what of the run-pipe.


Duplex steel Butt welding fittings - Tee reducing7. Duplex stainless steel Tee reducing

As we already know that duplex steel tee have been designed to make 90 degree branch connection from the main run pipe. The second option with engineers is duplex steel reducing tee. These duplex steel unequal tee ( reducing tee) are functionally same as what of straight tee but here the only difference is it;s branch connection, which is lesser than running pipe diameter.



Duplex steel Butt welding fittings - concentric Reducer 8. Duplex stainless steel concentric Reducer

Reducers in duplex steel butt weld pipe fittings are been applied to change the size of running pipe diameter to higher size or lower size in one direction. There are two standard available, one of these two is the duplex steel concentric reducers., These reducers are used in vertical duplex steel pipe line.



Duplex steel Butt welding fittings - eccentric Reducer9. Duplex stainless steel eccentric Reducer

Duplex steel eccentric reducers function is same as what of concentric reducers the only difference in this eccentric reducers is used in horizontal pipe lines and not in vertical pipe lines like what concentric reducers are being used in.



Duplex steel Butt welding fittings - End cap 10. Duplex stainless steel End cap

Duplex steel cap will be applied to shut down or to closing the end of a running pipe. The Cap as shown in the image is manufactured , supplied and exported by us for all pipe size range. These end caps can be as bigger as two meter diameter i.e. 2000 mm and being sometimes used for other than pipe line purpose also.


Duplex steel Butt welding fittings -  Lap joint Stub End 11. Duplex stainless steel Lap joint Stub End

Duplex steel Stub Ends are used with Lap Joint flange, as a backing flange.This duplex steel flange connections are applied only in low-pressure applications and non critical applications, and is also a cheap method of flanging as well. .For example in a stainless steel pipe line system a carbon steel flange can be used, because they are not getting in contact with the transit materials in the pipe line.



Duplex steel Butt welding fittings - straight Cross12. Duplex stainless steel straight Cross

Duplex steel cross is a kind of tee but with extra function. In duplex steel tee it make a 90 degree branch connection from the main run of pipe but with these duplex steel cross we can have three connections at a time. There are two options available in cross and one out of these two options is duplex steel straight or equal cross.



Duplex steel Butt welding fittings - reducing Cross13. Duplex stainless steel reducing Cross

The second option is duplex steel unequal cross is unequal cross i.e. reducing cross. The function of these duplex steel cross is same as what of straight cross, the only difference is the option of branch connections. In these type of cross the branch connection size differed from the running pipe size diameter.



Why Duplex Steel Beveled Butt weld Pipe Fittings


In this form of duplex steel fittings ends of all fittings are beveled. The shape of the bevel depending upon the wall thickness of the respective fitting. This bevelled ends are needed to be able to make a "Butt weld"

ASME B16.25 covers the preparation of duplex steel butt welding ends of piping components to be joined into a piping system by welding. This includes requirements for welding bevels, for external and internal shaping of heavy-wall fittings components. These weld edge preparation requirements are also specified into the ASME standards (e.g., B16.9, B16.5, B16.34).


Duplex Alloy Steel Grades

UNS 1.4462 | UNS 31803 | 2205 | ASTM A182 F51 | ASTM A182 F53 | ASTM A1182 F55


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