Duplex Steel Branch connection Olet fittings

Duplex steel Branch Connection fittings (also known as duplex steel O'lets) are fittings which allow us outlet from a larger diameter size pipes to a smaller one dia pipe generally. The main pipe on which the branch connection is to be welded is usually called the Run pipe and the pipe to which the branch connection gives a channel is called the Branch or Outlet size. We manufacture and supply Branch connections in all sizes, types, bores, and classes, in a wide range of duplex steel..

Duplex stainless Steel Olet Fittings


We are supplying quality duplex steel branch fittings (duplex stainless steel O'lets) since decades. Branch Connections offered by us, complete run pipe reinforcement while avoiding cracks, fillet welds, and sharp re-entrant corner reinforcement tapering at the sides.

Duplex steel Olet fittings meet the complete reinforcement requirement of applicable piping codes like ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.4 and B31.8. They also meet the 2001 edition of MSS-SP-97 Standard- "Integrally Reinforced Forged Branch Outlet Fittings".

Types of Duplex stainless Steel Olet Fittings


We supply complete range of olet / weldable outlet fittings in duplex steel grades like 1.4462, 1.4410, UNS 31803, 2205 etc. Technically these all duplex steel olets are forged and that is why the specifications of these olet fittings are being addresed by ASTM A182 standard which exclusively covers all kind of forgings in metals like stainless, duplex steel, super dupex steel, nickel alloys and copper nickel alloys.


Duplex stainless steel Weldolets

Duplex steel weldolets are the common type of branch connection. This components is welded on the outlet pipe and tthat is why it is called weldolet ( Welding Olet). Ends of this olet is bevelled and that is the reason why the weldolet is considered as a substitute to other butt-weld fittings. Duplex steel Weldolet's are purposely designed to lesser stress concentrations and give integral reinforcement.

Technical data of Duplex stainless steel Weldolets
On request further technical informations about Duplex stainless steel Weldolets are available with us.


Duplex stainless steel Thredolets

Duplex steel thredolets replaces the basic Weldolet with the branch threaded inside the top of the olet. This threading facilitates installation process in non weldable environment, as no welding is required with this component because of threading to match the subject. This duplex stainless steel thredolets are taken as a part of threaded fittings and avaialable in all pressure class like in 3000# and 6000# classes.


Technical data of Duplex stainless steel Thredolets
On request further technical informations about Duplex stainless steel Thredolets are available with us.


Duplex stainless steel Sockolets

Duplex stainless steel sockolets is the components which branch affixes by the method of socket welding inside the olet. The bore matches the outlet bore, and the existence of a counter bore roughly the size of the OD of the outlet provides a socket where the pipe can sit to be welded. This sockolets are nothing but like weldable weldolets but here the pipe is not welded on the face of the olet but there is socket counter is machined on the inner dia of this olets.

Technical data of Duplex stainless steel Sockolets
On request further technical informations about Duplex stainless steel Sockolets are available with us.


Duplex stainless steel Elbolets

Duplex steel Elbow outlet is being used on 90° Long Radius Elbows / bends (either also can be manufactured for Short Radius Elbows / bends) for thermowell and instrumentation connections. We will have the amage of installation of duplex steel elbolets of LR band for better idea. These elbolets are available with two options i.e. Socket Weld type and threaded type for different applications.


Installation of Duplex steel Elbolets

With the help of this side image we can see how the duplex steel elbolet is being installed on long radius elbow or even it can be installed on short radius bend.





Technical data of Duplex stainless steel Elbolets
On request further size range options and technical informations about Duplex stainless steel Elbolets are available with us.


Duplex stainless steel Nipolets fittings

Duplex stainless steel nipple olets is a kind of fitting which is a one piece fitting for valve drains, take-offs and vents. Manufactured for Extra Strenghth and Double Extra Strength for high pressure applications. These nipolets are avaialable in length of 3.1/2 inches to 6.1/2 inches lengths, one can select as per the requirement of the job. As we can see in the side image this branch connection outlet fittings is vailable with two options i.e. male-socket-weld or male threaded outlets.


Technical data and size options of Duplex stainless steel Nipolets
On request further size range options and technical informations about Duplex stainless steel Niolets are available with us.


Duplex stainless steel Sweepolets fittings

Duplex stainless steel sweepolet is a integrally reinforced, contoured, butt-weld branch connection with a low stress intensification factor for low stresses applications at the same time for a long life. The attachment weld can be very easily examined by radiography testing process, ultrasound and other non-destructive testing and examination techniques.


Technical data and size range options for Duplex stainless steelSweepolets
On request further size range options and technical informations about Duplex stainless steel Sweepolets are available with us.


Duplex stainless steel Coupolets fittings

Duplex stainless steel Coup olet fittings are mainly demanded for use in fire protection sprinkler systems and can also be used for other low pressure piping applications. These coupolets are available with us with different threading options like NPT, BSP and BSPT female threads for 300# service and are UL Listed and F.M. approved.


Installation of coupolets on running pipe





Duplex stainless steel Brazolets

Duplex stainless steel brazolets are available in socket weld and threaded connection options. Threaded can be NPT, BSP and BSTP.



Duplex stainless steel Latrolets fittings


Duplex stainles steel Latrolets are used for 45° lateral connections, is available butt-weld to meet a perticular reinforcement requirement for the job, We do supply duplex steel latrolets Socket Welding type as well as threaded type..



Duplex stainless steel Inserts fittings

Duplex stainless steel Insert is another contoured butt-weld branch connection used in comparitively less critical applications. The attachment welds can be easily examined by radiography, ultrasound and other standard non-destructive testing methods as what Like the Sweepolet which facilitates easyness in engineers work.



Why Duplex stainless Steel Olet fittings

Duplex stainless steel fittings are the best substitutes of stainless steel fittings because of two main reasons and that is first it is less nickel carring metal which have a direct impact on the price and economy of this metal consumption and second one is it's best sustainability in corrosive conditions.


Duplex Alloy Steel Grades of Olet fittings

UNS 1.4462 | UNS 31803 | 2205 | ASTM A182 F51 | ASTM A182 F53 | ASTM A1182 F55 |


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